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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Fabric Roll Case

My Mum creates the most amazing cakes and sugar design. She attends cake decorating classes every week and has to carry a large tool box with her. I had the idea of making her a fabric roll case to carry the tools she needs for classes. I applied the same idea as a knitting needle case, different size pockets for her tools sewn into the fabric. I chose some cupcake fabric and a yellow gingham as a contrast fabric. I also chose some red bias binding to compliment the cherry on the cupcakes. I miss calculated how much I needed so I didn't have enough for the edge of the case. I made my own yellow gingham bias tape with the left over fabric I had and I was really pleased with the results.

Making Bias tape: Measure the width you would like for your deign and double that to allow for folds. Cut the fabric and then iron out the creases. Fold the fabric in half and iron the entire strip, fold both edges into the centre and iron again. The bias tape is now ready to use.

The roll case is made up of two large rectangular pieces of cupcake fabric, one medium gingham rectangle and a smaller rectangle. The compartment side is made from one of the large rectangles and the medium and small rectangle. I attached the bias binding to the medium and small pieces and sewed them on using my sewing machine.
Once the bias was done I pinned both pieces to the large cupcake fabric and then began to sew straight lines to create the compartments. I wanted them to be various sizes for different cake tool. I made two larger compartments for tracing paper and piping bags. I didn't encounter any problems as both fabrics had grids to follow for lovely straight lines.
The front of the case is made up of a large piece of cupcake fabric and a strip of gingham fabric with the red bias tape running down the middle. I stitched the ribbon under the bias tape to make sure the join looked neat.
I pinned the two large pieces back to back and attached the bias tape. I sewed along the bias tape and then ironed the case to finish it off.

I presented the Roll case to my Mum for her birthday and she was really pleased with it. I was really happy with the finished result and I would like to make more.