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Friday, 20 May 2011

Vintage Aprons!

In my last post i wrote about buying my vintage pattern. I thought i would share some photographs and details from the pattern sleeve.

Misses' And Women's Apron with Detachable Bib: Apron skirt is gathered to the waistband; a band lower edge forms two pickets. Detachable bib buttons to inside of waistband. Contrast binding details bib and band. Tie ends fasten with bow in back. Extra fabric is required for matching plaids, striped and one-way design fabrics.

Suggested fabric types- All views Cottons and Blends: Chambray, broadcloth, poplin, denim, chintz, dimity, leno weaves, organdy. Rayon’s silks, and synthetics.


Thursday, 19 May 2011

Doll Doll Dolly

Doll Doll Dolly News!

I have been working very hard sewing lots of pretty things for the launch of my Etsy page. Last week i started cutting and sealing hundreds of petals, it was crazy hard work! I then began to pin tens of corsages together in preparation for sewing.

I have been sourcing new fabrics, buttons and other useful materials. I absolutely love the buttons i have found; they're very kitsch and fun! I wanted to find things that appeal to a broad range of woman and make them feel chic. I think the buttons are extremely playful and really current, for example, the 50s revival and nautical inspired clothing.

I don't think you could escape the royal wedding; i was really inspired by the colours of the Union Jacks on the mail. I have been using an awful lot of red, blue and white in my designs since the wedding. I believe finding inspiration from what’s going on around you is very important.

I recently purchased an old Vintage Apron pattern on EBay for around £6, pretty cheap for a vintage pattern. I plan on using the pattern only as a map because i want to make them my own. The 40s/50s revival is huge right now! I love looking at old photographs of woman baking wearing cute aprons and heels.  I plan to use lots of fun fabrics, trims and buttons; reds, pinks and blues are the colours i am thinking of using.

New Work!

New Doll Doll Dolly Corsages!

I have been working hard on new Corsages this month, sourcing lots of lovely new buttons, fabrics and beads for my new pieces. I hope you like my colour combinations as much as me! I will post more photos at some point this week. I don't want to give too much away!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Frock Me! Brighton Vintage Fair

Frock Me! Brighton Vintage Fair 

The Brighton Vintage Fashion Fair took place at the Brighton Dome on May 1st; it cost £2 to get in and once in it was full of beautiful fashion stalls. I found that most of the stalls sold similar items, only a few had anything different for sale. I would have liked to of seen stalls selling items inspired by vintage pieces, to give a fresh spin on the past and show creativity.

I managed to take quite a few photographs, even though i felt uncomfortable doing so. I wanted to get some inspiration for my Doll Doll Dolly pieces and see if i could learn anything from the pieces i saw, how they were made, use of colour etc.

My favourite pieces of the day were the newspaper vintage shirt, a lace parasol and the embroidered bodice dress. These were the items that stood out as i walked around, weaving through the stalls and taking everything in.

The things i learnt during my trip to the fair were the use of rich colour and luxurious fabrics. I think i need to source better materials, be more creative with my designs and improve my general technique.

Scissor Sharpening!

1. Tin foil! Simple! Scrunch up some Tin foil.

2. Fold your foil until its the same length and width as your scissors.

3. Simply cut thin strips of foil to sharpen your scissors!

That's it! Simple! This tip is only for maintaining your scissors.