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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Frock Me! Brighton Vintage Fair

Frock Me! Brighton Vintage Fair 

The Brighton Vintage Fashion Fair took place at the Brighton Dome on May 1st; it cost £2 to get in and once in it was full of beautiful fashion stalls. I found that most of the stalls sold similar items, only a few had anything different for sale. I would have liked to of seen stalls selling items inspired by vintage pieces, to give a fresh spin on the past and show creativity.

I managed to take quite a few photographs, even though i felt uncomfortable doing so. I wanted to get some inspiration for my Doll Doll Dolly pieces and see if i could learn anything from the pieces i saw, how they were made, use of colour etc.

My favourite pieces of the day were the newspaper vintage shirt, a lace parasol and the embroidered bodice dress. These were the items that stood out as i walked around, weaving through the stalls and taking everything in.

The things i learnt during my trip to the fair were the use of rich colour and luxurious fabrics. I think i need to source better materials, be more creative with my designs and improve my general technique.


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