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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Doll Doll Dolly

Doll Doll Dolly News!

I have been working very hard sewing lots of pretty things for the launch of my Etsy page. Last week i started cutting and sealing hundreds of petals, it was crazy hard work! I then began to pin tens of corsages together in preparation for sewing.

I have been sourcing new fabrics, buttons and other useful materials. I absolutely love the buttons i have found; they're very kitsch and fun! I wanted to find things that appeal to a broad range of woman and make them feel chic. I think the buttons are extremely playful and really current, for example, the 50s revival and nautical inspired clothing.

I don't think you could escape the royal wedding; i was really inspired by the colours of the Union Jacks on the mail. I have been using an awful lot of red, blue and white in my designs since the wedding. I believe finding inspiration from what’s going on around you is very important.

I recently purchased an old Vintage Apron pattern on EBay for around £6, pretty cheap for a vintage pattern. I plan on using the pattern only as a map because i want to make them my own. The 40s/50s revival is huge right now! I love looking at old photographs of woman baking wearing cute aprons and heels.  I plan to use lots of fun fabrics, trims and buttons; reds, pinks and blues are the colours i am thinking of using.


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