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Saturday, 30 June 2012

My New Craft Studio!


When we moved in to out new house it was clear we needed to freshen up the studio walls. The blue was bringing the room down and it was crying out for some TLC. I took a little trip down the garden and was excited to find some magnolia paint left for us to brighten up the joint. We have spent a few days painting and the end result is amazing! The room looks so much bigger! Soooooo after years of moaning about magnolia paint, I have painted my studio magnolia. 


I feel blessed to have this amazing space all to myself! I have also created a little space in corner for my painting and I am currently looking for a comfy chair to snug on in the winter months. I decided to have two desks, one for sewing and the other for writing and drawing. I used to waste a lot of precious energy unpacking and repacking materials which had a huge impact on the amount of work I could do. I am looking forward to getting all my pictures up on the wall and settling into my new home :) 


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Brighton Blogger Bash

Last week I went to a fantastic event! The wonderful Steph set up a bash for Brighton bloggers at Super+Super in Brighton. The aim of the event was to network, make friends and share tips with one another. I have followed many of these blogs and the writers on Twitter for months and so it was great to finally meet the people behind them. It was a great opportunity to share what we do and exchange tips on content, and how to drive new visitors to our blogs.

Since the event we have all been in contact and new friendships are being made which is fantastic! People blog all over the world but bloggers are active in your community! Why not get out there and meet them? I believe Steph has truly formed a community that will continue to meet and share blogging experiences.

Great blogging tips

Be unique
It was clear at the bash that many of us have crafts blogs, but as Steph pointed out they all come from a different point of view. Some are thrifty and 'refashions' blogs, others like mine are from a business and health point of view. If you want to start a blog don't mimic someone elses, find your voice and blog about what is important to you. So many of the successful blogs out there do well because they have their own spin on their chosen subject. 

Keep ideas to yourself
When you have an idea for a project or post, try to keep it inside. Don't advertise what your next move is so then in case someone uses it and takes credit for it. This was a great tip! It protects you and your blog so always keep this in mind.

Guest post
 Guest posts are awfully popular in the blogging world, but it is a good way to boost your stats and will help to drive new visitors to your blog.

Contact Companies
 A great tip from Claire, one of the joint owners of Super+Super, was to contact companies related to your blog. It only takes a few minutes to write an email! What if they don't reply? Well, it's just an email and you haven't lost anything! Claire talked about some of the companies that sponsored her and it was all because she asked! Great advice from a successful blogger!

Be confident! 
This is something I was talking to Lauren about. I alway care what people think of me. Why should I? Why do I waste all this time caring when I could just be care free and enjoy my life. So, I am moving on! Be confident in what you do and you will become a success!

Brighton Blogger Directory 


Friday, 15 June 2012

A Fun Guide To Starting A Business

Today the lovely Georgy sent me a fantastic article!!! It's an inspiring article by Andrea Scher, a creative business owner with years of experience. Andrea has put together a list of tips to help new business owners enjoy what they do. I have posted the link below because it has really inspired me as a business newbie and I am hoping it will inspire at least one other person. Fingers and toes crossed! 

The tip that is most helpful for me is to create a friendly and fun environment to work in. I currently work in the hallway which is not ideal and I find it hard to create staring at a wall. I am moving next week and I will have a room dedicated to my business. Hooray! I plan on making it an inspiring space that I want to spend most of my time in. I am already dreaming about wall colours and storage solutions. UH-OH!

The next tip I found useful is to create a work plan that fits around you and your body. Fantastic! I am not the only one! I recently created a work plan to fit around my m.e and it has really helped. Great advice. I think this is essential if you don't want to burn out or become sick of your work.

Ohw shh Abbey! I don't want to hijack this article as it speaks for itself. I am so glad this article reached me! I hope you all find it as handy as I did. 

You can find out more on Andrea's blog 


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Goodbye Hove!

If you follow me on twitter, you will know by now that I am moving again. I moved in with my lovely boyfriend four months ago to a modest flat, but since we moved the flat has had endless problems with leaks. A few weeks ago my brother announced he was moving and asked us if we would like to rent his house! My response was obvious- uhhhh yeh! So after 4 months we are moving again and we only have a week to pack! Goodbye little flat and goodbye Hove!

Me! Happy silly face!

I love Hove beach! I will miss it.

We say our goodbyes. 

Monday, 11 June 2012

New Dolly Designs!

I thought I would share a few photos of what I have been up to this week. I have been working hard on new designs and these are two that I have finished.

Pink sating corsage fascinator with a netted bow

Gold pearl tulle veil


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Art Is Smart

So, my two week sewing vacation has come to an end and I feel so much better. Taking a few weeks to myself, to relax and get back to my first love- drawing.

I love to draw! My qualifications are in textiles AND fine art. My love of drawing began as a young child at the kitchen table with my dad. We used to pour the crayons and pencils on the table and create masterpieces for the fridge and we would practice drawing each other.

Art is great therapy and I was told by one of my m.e doctors that if I didn't have my art then I would still be in bed making no progress. He believed my passion for art pushed me to make more of an effort. Whenever I draw I go into my own little world and completely relax and unwind. My thoughts and feelings gush out of me on the page in front of me and I then reflect on what I have created.

I went to my parent's house this week to spend the day with my Dad. We talked about how I have been struggling with balancing life and sewing. We came to the conclusion that sewing has been completely draining me mentally and physically which is extremely bad for me. I have now decided to take an extended break and just sew for fun, not for business.

Art has now completely taken over and it's great therapy. I am much happier and determined to progress. I thought I would share some of my doodles with you all.