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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Brighton Blogger Bash

Last week I went to a fantastic event! The wonderful Steph set up a bash for Brighton bloggers at Super+Super in Brighton. The aim of the event was to network, make friends and share tips with one another. I have followed many of these blogs and the writers on Twitter for months and so it was great to finally meet the people behind them. It was a great opportunity to share what we do and exchange tips on content, and how to drive new visitors to our blogs.

Since the event we have all been in contact and new friendships are being made which is fantastic! People blog all over the world but bloggers are active in your community! Why not get out there and meet them? I believe Steph has truly formed a community that will continue to meet and share blogging experiences.

Great blogging tips

Be unique
It was clear at the bash that many of us have crafts blogs, but as Steph pointed out they all come from a different point of view. Some are thrifty and 'refashions' blogs, others like mine are from a business and health point of view. If you want to start a blog don't mimic someone elses, find your voice and blog about what is important to you. So many of the successful blogs out there do well because they have their own spin on their chosen subject. 

Keep ideas to yourself
When you have an idea for a project or post, try to keep it inside. Don't advertise what your next move is so then in case someone uses it and takes credit for it. This was a great tip! It protects you and your blog so always keep this in mind.

Guest post
 Guest posts are awfully popular in the blogging world, but it is a good way to boost your stats and will help to drive new visitors to your blog.

Contact Companies
 A great tip from Claire, one of the joint owners of Super+Super, was to contact companies related to your blog. It only takes a few minutes to write an email! What if they don't reply? Well, it's just an email and you haven't lost anything! Claire talked about some of the companies that sponsored her and it was all because she asked! Great advice from a successful blogger!

Be confident! 
This is something I was talking to Lauren about. I alway care what people think of me. Why should I? Why do I waste all this time caring when I could just be care free and enjoy my life. So, I am moving on! Be confident in what you do and you will become a success!

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  1. I am so glad that you have decided to care less about what people think, it isnt easy to get used to but it genuinely does make a difference to everyday happiness. it was so nice to meet you in person and we will meet again soon to be sure!! xx

    1. Hello! :)
      Pleasepleaseplease let me know when the next one is :) xxx

    2. It was great advice and it really made me think. I am already finding life a little easier. One day at a time ;)
      I hope we meet again soon! xxx

      G- I will definitely let you know if I see any other great events :) xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing your tips from the event, they are very useful and I now have a list of new blogs to look at!

  3. Boy, you were paying attention Alex, and you did the homework as well. We are impressed! For us one of the best things about this event was bringing the virtual world into the real one - as you say it was so good to meet people and swap tips. Also all the blogs are really high quality too and great to follow.
    The Bears from TheBigForest

    1. Abbey ;)
      I surprised myself! I just wrote it all down before I forgot! I loved meeting everyone and learnt so much! I hope Steph does another event. I hope everything is good in The Big Forest :)