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About Me

Hello, my name is Abbey and I am a craftaholic!

Doll Doll Dolly is an accessories label started by myself in a small bedroom in the middle of nowhere. I have always loved textiles and began sewing simple corsages as something to do in front of the tv. It didn't take me long to fall in love with adorning my flowers with beautiful pearls and beads! I started to think that this could be more then just a hobby, however it has taken many years for me to get into the position I am in now to take Doll Doll Dolly seriously. I have recently decided to revamp my label and to list it as a legitimate business. I am working really hard on a new collection full of gorgeous materials and these will be available via etsy to begin with. Starting your own business is tough but I am now committed and will be taking Doll Doll Dolly as far as it can go. 

The Original Dolly Gal

I get asked frequently why I called myself Doll Doll Dolly. The answer is simple. My Nan died a few years ago and she was a very important part of my life. Since I was little we called her Nanny Doll Doll, a nickname given to her by my father I believe. I would sit for hours listening to her stories about sneaking out of the house to go dancing with the Yanks and about being evacuated. The lady was a legend to anyone who met her, her laugh was infectious and she loved her family more than anything.

To anyone who knows me, knows my love for The Wizard of Oz! I watched it for the first time with my Nan and recently inherited her VHS copy; I have a little tear every time I watch it. I can see my Nan tutting at me asking her her to put it on again "Not again Abigail", I would smile broadly and she would put the VHS into the VCR. The film feels like a giant cuddle, the smell of her flat fills my nostrils and I can see my Nan sitting in her green chair, dozing off and being woken up by the wicked witch!

I look at pictures of her during the war and she looks so beautiful! They didn't have much money, but they always made an effort to look nice. I think the image above is my greatest inspiration, her beautiful hair neatly presented and her gorgeous eyes peering to the other side of the room. That photograph has been my favourite since I was small because I always wanted to look like her in that photo.

When my Nan died it came as a big surprise, she was in pretty good health and it happened suddenly. I was lost for a long time and one day I got the idea of starting something in her name. I thought about her name Doll Doll and added the Dolly as the name seemed to roll off the tongue. I think the name 'Doll Doll Dolly' means more to me than anything else. I sometimes find it hard to focus on things and the name gives me a boost to carry on. Life goes on and we have to move on, but we can take the memories and be inspired by them.