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Monday, 6 June 2011

Exciting News! Doll Doll Dolly at Revolt!

For the last month i have been working really hard getting ready for Revolt. I believe i cut out over 500 petals which was extremely dull and repetitive work! The fun begins when you construct the corsage and decorate with buttons or beads.

I believe i made about 20 new corsages and hair slides for the event. I wanted a little more variety to appeal to the girls attending Revolt. I used skull and anchor buttons to adorn my corsages to add a little fun and indivduality. I really love the shocking pink Mexican inspired fascinator because of its bright colour and pink pearl eyes. I made a smaller version as the bigger one is more for a special occasion.

I made quite as few leopard print Corsages with 'Love' velvet buttons as i know they’re popular with my friends. The girls at Revolt all commented on how much they loved the leopard print corsage. I think i need to make variations of this design for the day and evening.


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