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Sunday, 8 January 2012

What's New 2012!

 Happy New Year 

Firstly, I want to wish you all a belated happy new year! I have been taking a break from blogging for the Christmas period to spend time with my loved ones and begin looking for a new home. I have been looking forward to the new year, a fresh start and an opportunity to make some of my small dreams come true. I have big plans for this year and I will be sharing my journey right here on my blog for you all to read.

I don't believe in making new years resolutions because you never keep them, however this year I have made myself promise to achieve my craft goals. I plan on spending this year gaining new skills, improving the ones that I have and starting the business that I am currently planning. 

New Crafts

I have spoken about lacking confidence in a previous blog post craft with confidence and I am determined to put my demons to rest! I should be proud of all that I am currently achieving, but I should never forget to strive for more and work hard on improving my skills. I have been making lots of new things, things I've not done since I was at art school. This week I made my own pattern for a waistcoat and I actually made the waistcoat itself! I really surprised myself- It fits perfectly! I am absolutely chuffed to bits, I mean it has been a while since I have used these skills and I managed to pull it off. 

Craft Events

I want to attend and be a part of more craft related events this year. I want have more stalls at crafts fairs to sell my wares and hopefully get commission pieces, which I really enjoy doing. I have expressed an interest in starting my own craft club which gathers quarterly to discuss different crafts, share ideas and do live tutorials. I want to meet fellow craft enthusiasts, to learn from each each other and make new friends. I have attended classes in the past to learn how to recycle fashion, felt making and pattern cutting. I want to carry on with dressmaking and make my own clothes in the future. 


I will be adding tutorials to my blog. I want to share the things that I have learnt in my craft journey so you don't make the same mistakes I have in the past. I will be doing video blogging via YouTube, you will be able to follow me step-by-step and pause me when you need to concentrate on your crafting. I have shared many of my makes on my blog and I will go back to the popular posts and create a simplified tutorial for you all to have a go at.  


So, those are my goals for 2012, they weren't created on a whim. but carefully thought out one rainy afternoon. I hope I manage to achieve everything that I aspire to be and fingers crossed, one day, I will become a self employed creative business owner. I hope 2012 is a successful and fun year for you all! 

Lets make it happen!


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