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Monday, 5 March 2012

New Home! New Inspiration!

I made this for the new flat

Ahhhhh I am finally in my new home, unpacked and enjoying life with my boyfriend. We have been extremely excited about having all of our collectibles on display, which has been a dream of both of ours for a long time. The big bonus of having a boyfriend who also collects awesome things is that I am constantly inspired by the things around me. We recently purchased a real ram skull, a dream for both of us and it didn't disappoint! Bazza the ram is now sitting comfortably on our marble fireplace in front of my large ram skull drawing. I think we have a thing about rams. 

My Ram drawing

Moving is always stressful, but when you move in with someone similar to you it's pretty easy to find places for all your things. We have doubled up on many things, so I expect our Ebay accounts will be busy in the near future. For the first time in 2 years I finally feel settled. I'm no longer commuting to see Dan, living out of a bag and I don't dump my things, sleep, and then do it all over again. I now have all my things around me and all of my clothes hung up in my new wardrobe! Huzzah! Home life is pretty good right about now, however the reality of a 'normal' life is a challenge and I am having to adapt. 

My friend Katie made me this.

My lucky charms
Bits and bobs


  1. Aaw thanks for putting a pic of my cross-stitch up! Very happy for you guys being properly settled together with your collections. The font on the House of Metal sampler is AMAZING :) x

  2. glad the move went well! :) x

  3. Yay!! Glad the move went well and everything is looking FAB! Coffee soon coffee soon coffee soon :)

  4. I love the fact that you have Kermit and Gonzo looking after you! Hehe. I'm so glad the move went well :)