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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Vintage Apron

A few months ago I purchased a vintage apron pattern from eBay. I though it would be an exciting project for me to take on in my spare time. I had different fabrics running through my head with vintage flourishes to add individuality.

The first fabric that came to mind was gingham because it's classic and its very much 'in' these days. I took a trip to my favourite fabric shop in Brighton. The Fabric Shop is the cheapest shop I have found in Brighton, everyone is extremely friendly and it's great value for money. I managed to get my gingham a few pennies cheaper than C&H. I had a look around and took a fancy to some red gingham. I wanted a different fabric for contrast and I was looking around for ages before I spotted a lovely denim fabric. The combination of the gingham and the denim fabric is so Americana that I couldn't resist! I purchased my fabric and I was off to create my vintage apron.

I sketched out a few ideas and my favourite design was a classic heart theme so that's what I went with. I had a few challenges when making my apron. Firstly I couldn't afford bias tape so I had to make my own. I cut out strips of fabric and ironed it to form the folds. I was really proud of what I had achieved because I didn't take the lazy option ;-)  I am extremely happy with my apron and I can't take it off! I love it!


  1. I love your apron. Gorgeous. I've been thinking about making an apron like this for ages, but just one that goes round your waist. I can see why your pleased with it. x

  2. Thanks very much :-)

    I got the pattern on eBay. Great pattern and easy to follow. The bib is supposed to be detachable, but I decided to have it as an all in one apron. Enjoy making your apron :-)