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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

My Birthday Week

New Dress

I had a fabulous birthday full of fun trips and presents! I usually get depressed around my birthday, a habit I have had since I was a child. I have had some great birthdays and some rotten ones, the bad ones always overshadowing the good. The last few years have been fab since I met my boyfriend Dan, but not having a big circle of friends can make these special times tough. I am fortunate to have a crazy fun family who make my birthday at home super special but we are missing some members of the family as they live on the other side of the world.
The Royal Academy

This year I planned (by accident) a big birthday fest! My birthday celebrations began by going to the David Hockney exhibition with my Dad. It was fantastic! I love Hockney and the new exhibition was extremely moving and a celebration of the seasons. We left the Royal Academy and had a lovely dinner before running for the train.


My actual birthday was a chilled out day with Dan watching movies. I filmed a cooking tutorial for my food blog Miss Dolly Cooks The Blues. We had a lovely dinner with a nice bottle non alcoholic wine to wash it down with. I needed to relax to prepare for the next part of my birthday.

My Cake

Sunday we made our way to my parents for a family dinner and cake! Cake! My mum is amazing at baking and has been taking cake decorating classes. Ever since I was a child my mum has made big elaborate cakes for our birthdays and this year she made me a yummy metal inspired one. The Victoria sandwich had fresh strawberrys between the sponges, and yes I ate a a lot of it all by my self (whoops). I was lucky to receive some amazing gifts and I feel incredibly spoilt! My birthday was a success! I am so so glad I managed to enjoy my birthday without ruining it for myself and everyone else trying their hardest make me happy. Thank you everyone!



  1. Sounds like a great birthday! I love your vintage brushes. I had some similar (but "made in china!) ones.

    1. I better check if they were made in china! I don't mind. I love them! I had a lovely time thank you :)

  2. So pleased you had a fab birthday week. I am so jealous you got to see the Hockney exhibition and the cake is amazing.

    Everyone deserves to be spoilt on their birthday. :-)

    1. It was a great exhibition! I am a huge fan of Hockney so it was a real treat. The cake tasted yummy!

  3. Cake is amazing, talented mum! Bet the Hockney exhibit was good too! Glad you had a brilliant time x