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Monday, 2 April 2012

My Creative Week In Photos

Monday Morning Blues.

The start of a new project

I love my job sometimes 

Creative Coffee <3

Almost finished!!!



  1. Your handmade bridal wear looks beautiful and coffee is always a good idea!

    Thanks for your lovely comments and I am so pleased you like my little blog. Yay.

    I found Doll, Doll, Dolly through a link on the Craft Blog UK site and love all your skull and horror related items. Never give up, as your blog is inspirational, especially as I am a complete novice and trying to make professional crafty items. Seeing what you make spurs me on to be better!

    And as for the Border Terrier, unfortunately I don't own one yet but one day hopefully...... at the moment I make do with a BT pinboard on Pinterest!

    1. I though I had replied to this comment. Golly! I am terrible at checking my comments. Thank you so so much for your compliments, It really does mean so much to me that people like what I do. I recently lost blog identity but I am back blogging about what I like and what I do.

      Border Terriers are the cutest! I hope you manage to get one soon!