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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Unique Bride Magazine

It's here! Since I stumbled across 'Unique Bride' I have been looking forward to getting my hands on a printed copy of the magazine. I am not getting married but I have a keen interest in bridal fashion. I have recently been working on my own bridal range and have needed a great magazine to give me some idea of my target market. I dislike the usual bridal magazine in the shops, full of weddings that look clean cut and frankly quite boring. 

I have never conformed to 'the norm' always dreaming of celebrating my future special day in my own unique way. I am over the moon that I am not the only one and it has all been laid out in this fantastic magazine!

From the first page I began to get excited, reading the editor's intro I could tell that this magazine was for girls who have felt pressured to conform to others expectations. It's a magazine to inspire people to do things their way, to get ideas and find their own wedding style. 

Flicking through the magazine my eyes were darting around the page. It is full of fantastically bright and interesting photos of weddings, gowns, accessories and fabulous ideas for your big day. I don't want to give too much away because you won't get the same surprised and excited feeling as I did. If I was getting married this would be the perfect reference for my big day. Ok, so some people may think it's a little far out and non-traditional but that's the best thing about it! Why can't you have a non-traditional or traditional wedding? Keep the church but wear something different or have your wedding in a random place? Do what makes you happy the magazine screams! Brides of Britain! I urge you to go out and get a copy of 'Unique Bride', You won't be disappointed! 


Find Unique Bride Magazine in WH Smiths Or Online 

Abbey x

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I just ordered one. So much cheaper than other magazines lol. I don't think I'm quirky enough for this magazine but there might be some cool ideas for our wedding :) xxx