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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

I Heart Etsy

My favourite things on Etsy this week

"Brighton Crock is a collection of hand drawn illustrations on plates and other crockery. Each item is unique. The illustrations are inspired by living in Brighton and my love of all things odd and pretty; horror films and home furnishings are my passions! Making something plain and simply functional, like a plate or cup, in to something nice to look at is what BrightonCrock is all about." 

I absolutely love Brighton Crock! I am moving in February and I have already mentioned that I would love a 'Night of the Living Dead' Teapot! 

 I love this Birch screen printed wool  log cushions by MyImaginaryBoyfriend. Each log is screen printed and hand sewn to make these unique felt log cushions. 

"My imaginary boyfriend is the brain child of Erika Kern who got tired of waiting around for a boy to buy her the gifts she really wanted, so she started making them for herself. In 2005 she started selling her wares at various craft fairs. Her site myimaginaryboyfriend.com launched in 2006."

I love this shop! It is full of gorgeous screen prints which are developed using the sun! Browse the shop and be blown away by Kathryn DiLego.

"I make loosey-goosey, lanky-clanky, limber-limbed lovely line drawings... and sometimes turn them into bold, confident, cartoon-colored, off-kilter, handpulled screen prints in my belovedly loopy city of Los Angeles. Like a form of productive dreaming, my obsessive yet relaxed drawings are both exploration and relief - how I deconstruct and reconstruct the constant visual input of waking life. My brain gets de-fragged, and makes art in the process!"

These beautiful vintage inspired lace coasters come in a set of two. 

"These coasters, are made of white clay, textured with beautiful lace vintage crochet with floral motifs. after the firing of clay to 1040 degrees, I applied the glass with a brush, in tones of dusty pink and they returned to burn at 1100 degrees. Finally I lined them behind, with a sheet of cork, in order to they become slippery and not scratching the surfaces of furniture."


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