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Monday, 19 December 2011

Ohw I wish it could be Craftmas everyday!

What a busy few weeks, like everyone else I have been driving myself crazy with Christmas shopping. The Christmas period has become a stressful and annoying part of our lives, town is busy, people become crazy demon shoppers and the Internet sends you damaged goods. I have had to deal with all three of those and I am  glad  I have finished my shopping. I am looking forward to sitting on my bum for two weeks and having a nice stress free holiday with my boyfriend. I have been preparing for the next few weeks by visiting my favourite craft shop to stock up on materials to see me through to New Year. If I was stuck without a needle and thread I would be lost! On the edge! Help! Luckily, I don't need saving this year because I am prepared for all my crafting needs over the Christmas holidays.

The new love in my life is cross stitch- I am addicted! I sit in front of films, eat steak and do cross cross stitch in the corner of the sofa. I love it! I don't have to sit at my desk to craft which is a real bonus and it has really become a huge help relaxing. I find it hard to sit down and not do anything, I always like to have something to do. I was working on tense projects when I should have been relaxing and winding down. Cross stitch is perfect because it doesn't take much concentration if you're doing a simple pattern. I am working on a horror inspired project, ' Beware Of Zombies', it has a Gothic frame surrounding it and its going to go on the wall in my new home in February. I am lucky that I had a couple of friends to help me along, I thought it was going to be complicated with all these crazy symbols and threads, but it is really very simple and most importantly it's fun!

This week I am finishing off a few projects before Christmas begins. Today I made a fake leather studded bag to replace my old tatty one. I love studs and leather, most of my accessories are covered in studs. I like the metal/biker look and I wanted to make something that reflected my personality. I am so pleased with how it turned out because I didn't use a pattern to guide me. I had a rough idea from something I saw in a quilting book, however the bag is nothing like it and I was a little lost. I decided I wanted to line the bag and attached snap fasteners, which I had not done in a really long time. I didn't want to give up, I made up a pattern and I was off on a bag making adventure!  I think I will sketch out the pattern and upload it as a tutorial- it's so simple!

I am still working on my business ideas. I spoke to a few friends at the weekend who gave me some great advice and sparked a few ideas. I will be writing a serious business plan in the New Year. I have given myself until April to come up with a final copy to take to the Prince's Trust. I hope to finish it before, but you need to be realistic about getting things done. I can't rush something so important. I have a clearer idea of what I want to achieve now, I just hope everyone else will get behind my vision and support my ideas. This year has been a real struggle to keep going however, the New Year is a chance at a fresh start for all of us, to change what we hate and get on a better path for the future. I don't believe in 'New Year Resolutions'. It's a fact that people don't stick with it and give up by February. If you want to make a change then do it now! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy and positive New Year.

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  1. And a wonderful New Year to you too with fab things just around the corner :)
    Loving the handbag - bring on the tutorial! :)

  2. That cross-stitch font is brilliant; did you come up with it yourself? xxx

  3. Georgina- Thank you :-) I am not sure when I will post up a tutorial. I have decided to make changes to the bag, as it needs to be more practical and a little smaller.

    Katie- Thank you lovely. I searched on Google for horror cross stitch etc and I got this great pattern on Google images. It's taking forever! The frame is basic stitch, but its pretty big. Boo! xxx

  4. Really interesting blog, you've got some unreal skills.